SEL in Action Podcast Episode 2

“If people make you feel something that’s good, let it come in, you know, process it, let it go out so that you know you don’t, it doesn’t eat away at you.”

Eric Wooltorton

I speak with Eric Wooltorton, a family physician and medical educator, about the social & emotional competencies needed for online medical practice, teaching, and learning. Eric provides an energetic and humorous perspective on the shift to practicing medicine and leading medical students as they begin their residency during the pandemic.

Eric discusses the importance of safe dialogue, reflection, transformative education, and building community in the medical education field.

The SECs in Distance Leadership Series was created for the SECs in Distance Leadership Graduate Course that I taught in the Spring/Summer of 2020. The interviews were conducted with educators and leaders about the changes they’ve seen and what they think will be pivotal as we move forward from the COVID work-from-home and emergency online teaching/learning mandates.