SEL in Action Podcast Episode 4

I think we can always be more critical of the media that we consume. So I, people of all ages, I think would benefit from having a more critical eye even if it sometimes can make the movie-watching experience a little less enjoyable

Sarah White, The PhD Princess

This week, I speak with Sarah White, a Ph.D. Candidate and Science Communicator. Sarah is a Cognitive scientist (UCLA) and learning scientist by training (Northwestern University) with a focus on secondary math teachers’ knowledge in evaluating online resources; internships in edtech, user research, and scicomm.

We chat about the goal setting skills, communication, and relationship skills portrayed in children’s movies, how we can help children develop these skills through movies and the skills involved in being a science communicator who gets to be a Ph.D. Princess!

You can find Sarah on her website,, or on social media at @thephdprincess.


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