SEL in Action Podcast Episode 12

the reason why I brought it in to the classroom is because I was working with kids that were not coping, and it was a Learning Support environment, where I was being asked to support them with their learning, but I would sit down beside a child that was absolutely vibrating with emotion. And asking them to open up their textbook to page 52. And let’s look at number three together. What like, No, I’m not going to be doing that. I’m going to be asking this kid to take some deep breaths. I’m going to be asking them to you know, visualize A place that they feel safe

– Randie Sykes

On this special guest episode, Matt Clarke interviews Randie Sykes about how they integrate mindfulness into their classrooms and schools.

Matt Clarke is the department head of English Language Learning at Fraser Heights Secondary in Surrey, British Columbia. Throughout his diverse experience as a classroom educator he has worked to integrate mindfulness in meaningful ways that support students’ social and emotional development. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Education at the University of Ottawa while working to ensure diversity and equity-mindedness within education. 

Randie is a busy mom, wife, sister, and school counsellor. Experiencing the postive affect that mindfulness can have in one’s life, Randie is passionate about using her experience to help others. In addition she completed her Master’s in School Counselling Degree in 2017 with a focus on Mindfulness and its efficacy in the school setting. Randie is currently supporting youth and families within the public school system. As a YMCA trained Mindfulness facilitator, Randie runs group teen mindfulness sessions in her high school where she works as a school counsellor.

You can connect with Matt on Twitter at @mrclarke7.