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Hello Everyone! Apologies for the silence the last month or so. It has been quite busy with wrapping up data collection, wrapping up my summer online course, and preparing for the future once I wrap up my dissertation. That being said, there are some exciting updates on the research project and the SEL in Action project in general.

SEL in Action Podcast

Firstly, teaching two courses on social and emotional learning and exploring some perspectives on how social and emotional competencies are leveraged in professional settings perked my interest in this area. I have since started a Podcast to explore professionals’ experiences with SECs. The podcast is an exciting extension of the project; however, it is not related to the research project. I hope this is the first step into building the SEL in Action project into something sustainable beyond my dissertation research project.

Wrapping Up Data Collection & Next Steps for Phase 2

I am excited to announce that my supervisor has signed off on my data collection. We have interviews from eight educators in Ontario and six with educators from Alberta. In the coming weeks, we will be digging into these interviews and provide you with some overarching demographic information and more takeaways from their experiences.

The next steps for phase 2 are to transcribe the last four interviews and upload them into Atlas.ti to begin analysis.

Next Steps for Phase 1

I can finally see the bottom of the barrel for the scoping review. Below you can find the current status of the screening process. My next steps are to discuss with my supervisor about what to do about the articles that I was unable to find a copy of and then start deeply reading and analyzing the articles that are to be exported.

Screened articles TI/ABIrrelevantFlagged for Full-Text ScreeningFull-Text ScreenedExcludedFull-Text RemainingArticles for Analysis

Isn’t There Supposed to be a Phase 3?

You’re right, there is. Phase 3 will be exploring the Alberta and Ontario curriculum documents to explore how SEL is represented and integrated at the policy level. Over the coming weeks, I will be verifying that the files I have for curriculum documents are up to date. Once we have made more progress on the analysis of the interviews and scoping review, I will shift some of my focus to the policy documents.

I’m excited to be making progress again on this research project. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and preliminary findings as we move through analyses!


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