SEL in Action Podcast Episode 3

[In class, I want students to feel that] “You are all experts of different things. I’m not for a lot of topics I know way less than you. So I want us to feel like everyone has a contribution to make,” but I can’t forget that they still see me, and legitimately, right, they see me as the professor as the one, giving them marks.

Marie-Hélène Brunet, PhD

I speak with Marie-Hélène Brunet, an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa, about the social & emotional competencies needed for online teaching and learning in higher education. Marie-Hélène provides a thoughtful reflection on her experience as an online educator and what she feels will be important for teaching and learning online as more courses & programs are shifted online.

The SECs in Distance Leadership Series was created for the SECs in Distance Leadership Graduate Course that I taught in the Spring/Summer of 2020. The interviews were conducted with educators and leaders about the changes they’ve seen and what they think will be pivotal as we move forward from the COVID work-from-home and emergency online teaching/learning mandates.


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